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The Jackson Collaborative Network brings community partners together to design and implement a formal community assessment process every three years to better understand community conditions related to the social determinants of health.  This process includes data gathered directly from residents through a phone survey and the collection of other local comparison data from other sources like the U.S. Census, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS), Vital Statistics, County Health Rankings, and many others. 

The assessment process is a core part of the network's shared measurement system that is designed to support the efforts of network partners and other community stakeholders, in order to:

  • Better understand community conditions

  • Identify disparities that are present

  • Prioritize issues within the community

  • Develop and implement action plans that address these issues

  • Monitor their impact on outcomes

The results of the assessment are used by the network and its partners to evaluate progress on current strategies and to update action plans to ensure alignment with new and emerging priorities.  Data is shared in a variety of ways to assist partners in their efforts to identify and address the root causes of systems issues that are causing inequitable outcomes for residents. 

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