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The shared measurement system (SMS) framework was developed by network partners based on input and feedback received from community members.  The framework clarifies shared goals, helps organize partners around shared priorities for greater impact, guides strategy design, and creates accountability for change.  


A cross-sector workgroup of network partners supports the development and maintenance of the shared measurement system.  SMS goals, leading indicators, and metrics will be adjusted over time, as results are achieved, community needs and priorities shift, or as available data sources change.

The workgroup is in the process of finalizing a dashboard that will allow for tracking and reporting progress over time to demonstrate progress.  

A dashboard that includes baseline data for shared goals is available at the bottom of this page.  

Community Assessment Reports and related infographics can be found here.  

Shared Measurement System: Text

Aligning Action and Tracking Progress
on Shared Community Priorities

A shared measurement system (SMS) is a core element of an effective collective impact structure.  It helps to clarify shared goals, organizes partners for action, helps guide strategy design, and creates accountability for change.    


Together, the members of the Jackson Collaborative Network have defined a shared measurement system framework that focuses efforts on shared goals and outcomes, helps set strategic priorities for the community, and assists with aligning action and resources to address shared root cause priorities.  

 The shared measures framework is focused on ensuring individuals in the Jackson community achieve the following aims:

  • Our Basic Needs Are Met

  • We Are Safe

  • We Are Healthy

  • We Are Resilient

  • We Achieve Our Full Potential


Members are committed to taking action individually within their organizations, and collectively within the community, to address the root causes of systems issues that are producing inequitable outcomes for residents.  

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