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Tools and resources to help you take action!

One of the core elements of the network's coaching and technical assistance services is ensuring partners have access to tools and resources that help them build their capacity to take action on issues that are producing inequitable outcomes for residents.  The materials provided below are a compilation of resources that have been developed by the network, or gathered from other content experts and leaders in the field of collective impact and systems change.


The network's Action Planning Guide has been updated and is better than ever!  This newly updated set of tools will walk you through the steps needed to develop an action plan that targets the root causes of systems issues that are contributing to inequitable outcomes for residents.  


ABLe Change is a systems change framework that has been a part of the network's foundation for a number of years. Many members have been part of ABLe Change training in the past and are actively applying these concepts and tools to their work. Click here to access tools and resources to help you learn more about the ABLe Change Framework process or here to view an ABLe Change Field Guide.


Authentic Engagement is one of the network's core values. To assist network partners in their pursuit to embed authentic engagement in their day-to-day practice, an engagement team was formed to develop a toolkit. The toolkit provides a variety of tools and links to helpful resources to assist members to create and maintain meaningful opportunities to engage with those they serve. 


Continuous Learning is one of the network's core values.  As a collective body, we are engaged in learning new skills and gaining new knowledge on an ongoing basis.  Continuous Learning requires us to be grounded in humility, constantly seeking new information, learning from our experiences, and applying those learnings to how we move forward. 


The network utilizes the core elements of Collective Impact to bring partners together in pursuit of shared priorities.  Learn more about Collective Impact through the resources below.  


What is fair and just is not always equal.  Equity is one of the network's core values that guides our behavior.  There are many visuals available to help build awareness of the importance of equity in all things.  Below is a list of resources to explore.


Human Centered Design is a creative approach to problem solving. It is a people-centered design process that consists of three phases:  Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation. has developed a DesignKit that includes a video, a Field Guide to Human-Centered Design and other tools to assist you in applying these concepts to your work.   


Targeted Universalism means setting universal goals and using targeted strategies to achieve those goals for all groups concerned.  The Othering & Belonging Institute has created a set of resources to help you apply this concept to your work.    


The network is focused on making lasting change in the community by identifying and addressing the root causes of systems issues that are contributing to inequitable outcomes for residents.  Systems change theory is woven throughout the fabric of the network. provides several resources to describe systems thinking and systems change.  

Looking for other network tools and resources?  Visit our Library.

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